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I'm fully back into teaching again. The week before last, I was allowed to observe the other science teacher take the kids through a "Boot Camp" where they learned some basics and really got a feel for what science would be like at the school where I'm teaching. It was an excellent way for me to get to know my future 6th graders without having to actually lead them from the get go.

This past week was the first week of regular school. Everything went quite smoothly and I really love being back in the classroom. The kids are adorable, well-behaved (for the most part), and eager to learn. It really is a pleasure to watch them in action.

This past week also marks my receipt of the first angry parent email. And I think I may hate this person.

Thankfully, this parent has a history and the entire school (co-teachers and administration alike) are behind me 100%. What has also helped the situation immensely is that after having been through two horrible law firms, I can honestly say that it takes a whole lot more to ruffle my feathers now, than say five years ago.

I wish I could post the emails here (all 4 of them) because I'd love to spotlight this person as a nemesis to society, but I don't think this is an appropriate forum, so if you'd like, I can email it to you directly. To sum, I've deduced that this person: 1) is most likely a sociopath, and 2) is a misogynist. Two traits that I wish did not exist in any parent, especially not together, but alas, it is what it is. As my friend put it, "I hope [parent's] kid becomes a junkie and dies while doing theater at a liberal arts college in Northern Saskatchewan."
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