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and I'm not asleep. I'm not really sure why I've been having trouble going to sleep lately. Could be my lack of a schedule. Could be the vodka. Who knows.

The boy ends up going to sleep pretty regularly around 10. And then I stay up either reading or knitting. I know it sounds exciting but trust me, it's not that amazing. But it is nice. Quiet. A chance to see things that no one else does.

Last night, I was able to hear, see, and feel the thunderstorm that rolled through Austin around midnight. It was just me and the cat, watching as the sheets of rain swept over our street. Part of me wished I could have woken the boy so he could share in the moment, but the other part of me that I listened to knew that he wouldn't enjoy it as much as I did, and that he would much rather get a few more minutes of sleep.

Once the rain was over and the night resumed its usual state of silence, I thought about how often I missed out on these things because I was too busy or too asleep. Instead of making me sad about the things I've missed, it made me appreciate the storm that much more.

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