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Vacation was excellent. Or as they say in Spanish, "excellente." The boy and I had a great time, even if it was pretty freaking cold. I reminded him again on Monday about how happy I was that he was a good traveling partner. And I meant it.

Something strange happened to me at work yesterday. I really don't know how I can explain it in words. I felt NOT DUMB. Sorry for the caps there, it's just that the impact of the statement still gets to me. Do you know how long it's been since I felt NOT DUMB? Too long, I tell you. Waaaayyy too long. And the people who made me feel not dumb? Partners! *Gasp!* I know. You think it's hard to understand? Imagine how I feel!

So of course, I drank way too much last night to sort of celebrate (that, and there was a going away thing for someone else who's leaving the firm). And now I'm just hoping that I get left alone. At least until tomorrow.
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My boy may be emotionally flat at times, but he delivers when it matters. (Note: I may be a bit drunk right now so I apologize for any rambling, ranting or nonsensicalness...)

I had a bad day today. Lots of reasons - the two foremost being my mother and work. Maybe not in that order. Anyway, I come home and thought, "Oh dear. [The boy] doesn't care about me; he hasn't called." So I called a friend to bitch. Not even one minute in and the boy calls. So I answer the call. He says he has good news and bad. The bad news is that he's not feeling well so he wants to go to bed early by himself tonight. Fine. Good news is that he wants to spend as much time with me as possible this weekend so assuming that he feels better tomorrow, we can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and eat at Grimaldi's.

So we start discussing details. Before I get too far, I feel a major emotional breakdown coming on so I ask if I can call him back. 10 minutes of sobbing later, he texts me: "Now you have me worried. :( call back soon please..."

How can a girl resist that?! So of course, I call and tell him in my crying voice: "You don't have to worry." He then says he's willing to come over to make me feel better. I assure him that it's not necessary. So he says, "Do you want to talk about it?" Of course I feign not wanting to talk about it before launching into a 45 minute rant about everything that's wrong with my life. Okay, I admit it. I'm a fucking girl. Whatever.

Anyways, the point is, 1) he listened. 2) He was willing to sacrifice himself to come over. 3) I've had more than a few beers. All of this combined means I feel butterflies in my stomach and more than ever, I think this guy may be it. I'm not going to say it, but I will say it rhymes with "A Ton". If you don't get that, then I officially declare that you and I, whoever you are, are not on the same level. We don't see eye to eye, someone would lose if we were mano y mano. You get the idea.

All I'm saying is that he knows he's lucky to have someone like me who is okay with his somewhat robotic nature. I, on the other hand, am lucky to have someone who is genuine and really cares about me. I didn't think these things were possible, but now? I just don't know. (Or do I???)

Accck. I love him. I feel so awkward, confused and ecstatic at the same time. I guess I should have one more beer. Glug, glug, glug.
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i'm not complaining or anything. it's just that, well, i really wish it were friday instead.

let me try to recount the past days.

monday i crashed as soon as i got home. which is good, because without having done that, i'd probably be dead right now.

tuesday, i went out with the cute boy again. he needs a nickname. let's call him IT guy, well, for self-explanatory reasons. we had an excellent time and i am enjoying the whole getting to know someone process. i also got to try out one of these fancy new bars where you tell them what you're in the mood for and they whip something up, special for you. pretty cool. earlier in the day on tuesday, i also confirmed with the pre-bf that we're still seeing each other-ish. i wasn't sure because i hadn't heard from him in a while but it turns out he was just busy with work. and he still wants to come to this party on saturday that i invited him to ages ago so we'll see how that goes. obviously neither the pre-bf - wait a minute, he needs a new name, let's call him the surgeon - or the IT guy know about each other. and i'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible. i'm not a player or anything, i just don't think that with the surgeon, it's very fair for me to focus on him too much because, well, you know the history. and nothing's really been confirmed with the IT guy, but if it does, i will totally cut the strings with the surgeon. i promise.

last night, i saw my very first serious boyfriend from high school because his band's in town and he messaged me on myspace. we haven't seen each other in 14 years or something like that. it was really cool to see him actually. so maybe you can be friends with ex's as long as you give it a decade in between the breakup and the reuniting. unfortunately, couldn't stay for his band's set because i had promised to go to another show down in wee-burg (that's williamsburg for you non-city folk), and i had invited the IT guy as well.

i know what you're thinking... 3 dates in less than a week? but he asked me to tell him about local music... okay, please stop rolling your eyes at me. i know that look and i don't appreciate it.

i made it to the second show as did the IT guy and i drank waaaaayyyy too much. as in, i woke up at 7am with my phone open, sitting at the end of my bed, my contacts still in, and only a fuzzy recollection of the stupid things i said and did last night. BUT, to be fair, i blame this palestinian guy for it all. he was at the show and took me and IT guy to two clubs afterwards and, let's just say that i don't think i like this palestinian guy. he totally asked me out while IT guy was in the bathroom. and my friends tell me it's because i was waffling on my answer to whether IT guy was my bf or not. all i said was, "no, he's not my bf. we're just dating." apparently, using the word "just" is code for "so be an ass and get my number." but of course, stupid drunk jinnyisms2 can't not give out her number. and later, that same stupid drunk girl can't not tell IT guy that she's divorced. and that the palestinian asked for her number.

why am i telling you all of this? because i've been waiting all day to type the following: i am a train wreck of honesty.

and i mean that. i am. and here i am now, glad that IT guy didn't get all freaked out, wishing i had a pillow in my office and glad that i finally sobered up from all the drinking at, oh, about 11 this morning.

btw, IT guy is a nice kisser and that's a bonus. it makes up for the fact that he called me a "cougy." like, a cougar. gasp i know. he's lucky i know he's joking. and really he's only 5 years younger than me. for chrissakes, it's not a crime.

and i'm finally getting compliments at work. so i've got that too.

oh god, i think i might be sweating vodka.
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and this one is no different. i lost my voice on saturday and i'm still recovering.

well, my weekend was quite eventful. friday, i went to a gathering for this site i'm a member of and we had a drunken, disorderly, messy, excellent time. and... i met two very nice boys who i'm sure will occupy my time for at least a little while. this was on top of the somewhat creepy busboy who couldn't keep his hands off me, but as everyone pointed out, at least i got a free drink. big consolation. ooh, and i ran into an old friend from law school so it was an excellent evening overall.

managed to drag myself back home around 4 in the morning. so, as a result, i didn't get up till noon. and i could barely work. instead, i tried to work while a marathon of the hills was playing in the background. gotta love my girl, l.c. she and her friends are just so entertaining to watch, and they remind me of why i'm never going back to l.a. ever.

went out again saturday night. attended shakespeare in the parking lot (the antithesis to shakespeare in the park) alone and then met up with one of the cute boys and had a lovely evening. at first, i wasn't sure if i was on a date, but it appears from our conversation today, that i was. woo hoo for me. got home around 3.

woke up sunday at 11. and worked the entire freaking day. i'm so tired now. i got up at 5:30 this morning to type something up and i'm just a waste of space sitting at my desk now. whatever. it pays the bills. hollah to the dollah y'all.
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Got back on a red eye this morning. Needless to say, work was a bust. Ended up with an hour and a half of billing before leaving at 2. Ha ha ha.

Let's catch up. Last Tuesday, I went to a summer associate event and ended up being the last one standing. I drank for 10 hours! But I'm still alive. And the memories, oh, the memories...

Fourth of July consisted of waking up (still a little intoxicated) early enough to get to Coney Island to watch the devastating defeat of Kobayashi at the annual hot dog eating contest. But that is not to say that he didn't do work. He managed to beat the old record by eating 63 HDBs (hot dogs and buns) in 12 minutes, but Joey Chestnut scarfed down an impressive 66 HDBs. And, either way, I was a winner since Kobayashi had me with the Asian thing and Chestnut is from San Jose. I had to represent... South Bay! The rest of the day was nice and leisurely, ending with some tasty Rolo shots before napping, packing, and getting up in the middle of the night to catch my early flight to Cali.

Cali was awesome, as usual. I have new wavy/curly hair. I got to see my bff before she takes off for Boise with her hubby. I ate some of the best seafood I've ever had in my life (Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City is a must). And, I watched one of my dearest high school best friends tie the knot in a lovely ceremony at a vineyard near my hometown. Not to mention making some serious connections in the friends department at the wedding. I had a great time. And the pre-bf made quite the impression on me by staying in touch every day and calling to see if I made it back from my flights okay both on my way to Cali and on my way back... shock hasn't worn off yet. We'll see how he reacts to the hair tomorrow night.

And now I'm back. Already, I've spent approximately $215 today on things ranging from a new cell phone plan with T-Mobile (trying to take advantage of this new Hotspot@Home scheme), some anti-frizz products for my new wavy/curly hair, and a kick ass fan to help me sleep at night without sweating to death. I think I may have gone a little giddy considering I finally got my security deposit back after over 2 months.

Wish me luck.
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ok, ok, ok. i heard ya. i need to post. fine.

it's not like i haven't thought about posting. or made lists in my head of things to post. i've just been so busy and overwhelmed, i seriously thought about checking myself into a loony bin for a little while.

after that little insight, now, how to go about writing a recap of the last 2 months? with a total disregard of organization of course!

- i am very excited about all the shows i'm going to see over the next month or so. considering my work consists of me and my partner-in-crime, the irish nag, trying to find the life jackets on our very own titanic, i have decided that the least i can do is make sure i'm out there having fun. stellastarr* and mobius band tomorrow. big phony ( show on 4/4 (very excited about that because i was evited as part of an elite AA crowd). sia (her song was featured on the series finale of Six Feet Under) on 4/17. mike doughty on 4/22. and finally, jaime lidell on 4/25. now, while ms. LI/jamaica is going to be accompanying me to most of the shows, y'all are totally welcome to come too. being independent artists, none of the tickets are over $20. plus, i'll be there. that's worth a cool million right there. what a bargain!

- knicks game on 4/7. they're playing the pacers. i'm taking someone i find intriguing, if not a bit frustrating. we'll see how that goes. everytime i see this person, i ask them one more question. pretty soon, i may have the mystery of our particular relationship figured out. by pretty soon, i'm hoping by summer.

- just finished reviewing my dad's will, trust, advance health care directive, and durable power of attorney. needless to say, i was not only confused by most of the legalities that are unique to this area of law, but i am also a bit traumatized.

- during one of my trips back to cali, i ended up watching a korean drama with my mom and brother, while splitting a 12 pack.

- after M left ny for london, it was pretty clear that i was a lead contender for the title, "group lush." now that A is leaving for tokyo, it's official. i don't really know how it happened. i blame genetics.

- when telling my mom about someone i know who is a bit emotionally detached. her response? "do you think it's genetic?"

- i moved out of the conference room of my firm and back into my own office. i missed it. of course, i took all the paper with me. all i need is one stray spark and this place goes up like a torch. hopefully i won't be inside it at the time. if i do, i'll use the water from my hello kitty water dispenser to save my life. i really do own a hello kitty water dispenser. it's super pink.

- my big marital termination was stamped and filed on 2/14/06. the irony nearly made me die from laughter.

- i have redone my highlights and am currently addicted to artec hair products. my hair is like a mood ring. Y can recount the color chart and their meanings for you. no one at work has said anything about it yet. i dare them to.

- tv seemed to fare well without me. i am slowly catching up. my geeky shows just finished their seasons. i mourned their temporary loss already. i am now in the midst of catching up with my trashy shows. btw, who won flava of love?

- i lost dismally in an oscar pool and am about to lose a march madness pool. betting has never been and never will be kind to me. unless it's for free items. there, i have a bit of a reputation.
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after drinking a bottle of champagne (minus the one glass k had) last night and one and a half very large pieces of pizza (but so good!), i came home and drunkenly snarfed down half a napoleon. this thing was amazing. after having been in the fridge for over 4 days, it was still flaky, creamy, and not soggy. how is that possible? i think they're magic.

oh, and i just realized last week that i live, oh, about 5 blocks from a POPEYE'S CHICKEN. how could i not have known that? wouldn't i have smelled it? is my yummy chicken radar broken? hmmm....

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