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in approximately one hour, i am to have dinner with my two partners, another associate, our expert and the client. i learned this approximately two hours ago. i hope i don't 1) do anything stupid, or 2) eat too much.

i don't want to eat too much because in approximately four hours, my brother will be landing at jfk and we are supposed to have dinner together (with my bf in attendance as well). and besides that, i am trying to avoid becoming a gray whale roaming the halls of my firm, looking for beaches to throw myself upon. i'm not there yet but it's impending.

becoming a gray whale is a possibility because i've been working too much and sleeping too little. same old story as before. my metabolism is shot, i have no idea what day it is most of the time, and i think my apartment is starting to smell a little.

it seems like everyone is swamped at the moment. is it the financial crash or is just because it's mid-september? either way, it's not going to stop me from attending the ATP festival this weekend. i will be listening to slightly known, noise-producing, indie (but don't call them indie) bands all weekend. should be fun.
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It's been an intense couple of weeks for me and the boy.

First off, we launched a website together. It's called I plead with each and every one of you that is my friend to check it out and spread the word. We're really trying to make a go of it and we need the internet traffic.

So far, out of about 120 emails I sent out, only 4 people have created accounts, and only 1 person has actually contributed to the site. It's a little frustrating to say the least. I most commonly get the response that either my friends are too old to go to concerts or they don't have any of their own pictures or videos to post. People: You don't need your own pictures to post. I've now posted hundreds of things, and not a single one of them are mine. You literally just have to search flickr or youtube, and find stuff to link to the site. Or enter concert dates. Or hell, just add the names of your favorite music artists.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, again, check out the site. :)

Also, work's been really busy so I'm just waiting for that to calm down so I can go back to promoting the site. (I'm sort of the informal P.R. person if you will.) That, and I actually have my own site that I hope to be launching soon. More details on that later...

The animals are fine though, and despite my lack of sleep of late, I'm still okay too. I think. But I do feel quite dehydrated. And that's without a lot of alcohol. It's all very confusing...

It's so scary when your to-do list of personal projects is just as long as your to-do list at work.
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now i've done and seen almost everything.

last night, i went to a prog rock concert. if you had asked me just 6 months ago, "jinnyisms2, do you think you'd ever go to a prog rock concert?" my answer would probably have been "why the f would i?"

and yet, there i was. at a dream theater concert. it's the boy's favorite band. it's so tragically floridian. and white. it's why i had to go. he told me there were two rules. 1) i could not fall asleep. and 2) i could not leave. i managed to stay within those boundaries, but it was hard. actually, despite my lack of interest in the music (did i mention before dream theater, there was this band called opec, a swedish death metal band?), i had quite a bit of fun being near the pit and pushing and punching people. i punched 3 or 4 people yesterday and it felt pretty good. then i almost got in a fight with someone outside the theater after the show. hopefully, this will curb my aggression levels for a while.

so, now the boy and i are even. i made him go to the hotel cafe tour and listen to touchy feely folksy grey's anatomy type music (my only rule was that he not criticize my music - i even told him he could bring a book or his DS lite if he wanted). and i have now listened to musicians play 50 billion notes in an hour on their guitars and drum sets, etc. i witnessed a lot of hair, shirts that said things like "behemoth," and i think we may have been the only two actually from manhattan. i'd say it was pretty educational overall. like a nature show.

plus, it meant i got to see the boy last night. his website programming personal project is really making me sad. i only get to be with him for maybe 36 hours out of the whole week (one sleepover on a weekday and one weekend day plus sleepover). and today is a rough day for me (my dad died on this day two years ago) and i wish i could spend more time with him. right now, i'm proceeding with the thought that i won't see him until monday, which seems awfully far away. i'm calling it being "gloomy and doomy." i tried to get an answer out of him this morning about his plans for the weekend, but we decided it would be best for me to remain "gloomy and doomy." otherwise, i risk being "hopeful then disappointed." i ended the conversation by demanding a full weekend in june along with the cushy pillow he's buying me for being good this month. i maybe should have specified that i meant multiple full weekends. oh, i also told him that i may possibly die on saturday from a freak accident. he remained speechless.
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I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.

In less than one hour, I leave the office to start my vacation. Tonight we're going to a show (his band, but I kind of like them too, for once). Tomorrow morning, it's off to the airport. We fly to Rochester, visit with his grandparents for a bit, steal their car and head to Niagara.

CASINO! We may or may not enter a poker tournament. Tomorrow also marks the beginning of March Madness so I'll be carrying my brackets around too. Just excitement all over.

Then, Friday morning, we head to Toronto. Yay!!! He's very skeptical about the stuff we'll be able to do while there, but he knows we'll have a good time regardless. I just can't wait to get there. I love me some Canada. Ridiculous I know, but it's true.

Sunday, we head back to Rochester and have Easter Sunday dinner with grandparents (and maybe some other family?!). I am prepared for it and will be on my bestest behavior. I promise. :)

Fly back Monday morning and then we go to one of my shows that night. Return to the office on Tuesday to start working on some serious nucleotide/polypeptide action.
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IT boy and I are a thing. It's a bit scary for me. He seems good so far. Hmmm... He's probably a psycho killer on the side. I guess as long as he doesn't kill me, I'm okay with it.

Man, work is just getting migrainous, as in, seriously able to cause a migraine.

I think I'm starting to get a sore throat. It sucks. Maybe it will help excuse my potentially poor performance taking a deposition on Monday. :-/

On the up side, I just bought a ticket to go see Blue October, Yellowcard, Shiny Toy Guns and Ozma. It was a cheer me up purchase. I'm quite excited about STG. Wootie woot.
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i itch to leave. i've got 4.5 hours left to go. well, really 4.3. and it's going slow.

did some booty shaking last night to the sounds of bitter:sweet on stage. pretty kick ass. my friend who accompanied loved it. i bought a pair of boy shorts. i don't know whose idea it was to start selling cute underwear at shows but i owe them a beer. for reals, yo. i love cute undies. i love music. what better way to show my appreciation than to put their name on my... hip. (don't get dirty now.)

i've got a new routine when i walk home from the LES. while there, i keep alert since there are so many darkened, deserted streets. but as soon as i hit houston and A, the earbuds go in and i crank my ipod up to 11. there's so much static coming from the drunk boys on the street, it's just annoying. so, for 12 blocks, i walk in silence. i can still hear snippets of "hey girl" and "have a nice night beautiful" but they don't know i can hear. see the beauty?

met with a financial planner again today. i think i'm going to go with this one. he'll be my race horse, my fiscal knight in shining armor, my consigliere of money matters. well, really, he'll just be the guy i pay to put my money into another financial vehicle that isn't a bank. still. it's what i want. at least it's what i think i want. who knows what i really, really want. for instance, i think i want a cookie right now but that could just be my boredom talking. and the pudgy demanding food. silly pudgy!
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i soooo love it. high of 63 today. can't be beat. slept like a baby last night. i even used a blanket on top. so enjoyable. i had a really hard time getting up this morning. still not awake and i've already had lunch.

so, thursday ended pretty calmly with a poker game with the co-workers. i came in 4th out of 9. and that was pretty impressive considering how few face cards i got and how many 2-7 offsuits i got instead. ergh. i really could've placed if my cards had been better. oh well. no real drama that night although both the pre-bf and the palestinian called. i used the poker night as my reason not to talk. i really should've called the palestinian back by now, but, ummmm... i just haven't.

friday involved a farewell lunch, farewell drinks, and then taking 3 co-workers to a happy hour for this site i'm involved in. the IT guy showed up, we tried to play friends, another girl got in the way, now a few people know we're together. at least i think they do. well, if they don't, they will this friday. no point in hiding it now.

saturday was another farewell party, this time more intimate. pre-bf showed and everyone agreed, he acts like he's my bf. so i told them the whole story. well a shortened version of course. but they got the gist. then i told them about the IT guy and they seemed happy for me. which made me happy. of course, the going away girl thinks the IT guy is really young, but not too young for me. i have no idea what that even means. all i know is that i like the IT guy and things are going along nicely from what i can tell.

sunday was actually pretty slow. the most exciting thing though, was seeing RUFUS WAINWRIGHT at central park summerstage. i withstood the rain/drizzle. i survived the cloying smell of smoke in the rain. i squished around in my sneakers, standing on my tippy toes to see rufus' beautiful face. and it was soooo worth it. the judy garland songs were divine. his drag show at the end was remarkable. i love him. i <3 rufus. oh dear god, i'm in love with another gay man. ha ha.
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every once in a while it happens. i go to a show and i fall in love with someone (or something) new.

it happened last night at the They Might Be Giants show at Bowery. the opening band... was... amazing. Oppenheimer. i'm listening to their album right now on launchcast. it's quite poppy but the feeling it gives me... sheesh... i keep thinking about how fun they were to watch live. i love it when the drummer is the singer. and i love bands from ireland. their accents make me all melty on the inside. especially when they have nice skin. i'm such a sucker for nice skin.

which is not to say that TMBG didn't rock it. because they totally did. as in, i was jumping up and down and my voice is a little hoarse today from the screaming, rocked it. i can't believe it's been 15 years since i last saw them. john l. also has nice skin.

p.s. my small claims court date has been adjourned to 9/11. good date or bad? still trying to decide. (i'm suing my ex-landlord for a prorated rent refund.)
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saw them last night at hiro ballroom. i've always loved them, now just a little more. learned a lot about them (thanks to sara's storytelling in between songs) and really felt good during the whole show. people were enthusiastic, fun, and respectful. i can't wait for them to come back in november. i'm definitely getting tickets.

which reminds me, i need to buy my bitter:sweet tix too.

as i always say - so much music, so little time.
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It's 1:29pm and I am just a waste of space. I did get to see the pre-bf last night though and that was nice. It had been a week and 3 days! We were both really tired though, so it ended up being just a cozy evening laying on the couch. Tonight will be more high energy I think.

That is, if I can keep my eyes open. I just ate a fabulous sandwich and have the other half sitting on my desk. But I think I'm going to Gramercy Tavern tonight too so I'm a little on the fence about whether I should eat the other half. But it's turkey, brie and honey mustard. Ack! The choices I'm faced with on a daily basis.

After work today, I'm picking up the new Tegan and Sara CD in addition to the Hot Fuzz DVD. Can't wait. Maybe I should go now...

UPDATE: I ate the other half. You knew I would.
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That's all that's in New York today - rain and fog. Love it, absolutely love it.

So, Harry Potter rocked. And now book 7 is in my office. Do you think it's possible to read HP and do document review at the same time? I may try it. I may hurt myself trying it. It's worth it, no?

Siren Festival was pretty cool. Lots and lots of hipsters though. And I don't mind saying that if they do things that put themselves in danger and end up getting hurt, I could care less. I mean, really, when do we stop giving them excuses for their own stupidity? On top of it all, their lack of boundaries really annoys me. I'm all for free love and whatever, but do it on your own time and stop PUSHING me! My friend told me about an article that describes how this new generation has a totally different sense of privacy because of myspace and texting. I find it disturbing to say the least. The clash between me and youth is getting worse and worse, and I'M NOT EVEN OLD!

Back to the festival. I really couldn't tell what MIA was all about. Too many hipsters, no view of the stage, etc. But the New York Dolls rocked. I had a great time and it seemed like most of the crowd did too.

Yesterday was nice just because I did a bunch of errands and managed to hang out with some friends for dinner. Maybe my one friend got a little trashed whereas I sobered up by the time we walked to the corner, but still. A good time for all.
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I realized I haven't said anything about the last two shows I've been to. Wednesday was Skidmore Fountain at Crash Mansion. Man, I love those guys. Excellent show Topu!

Last night I saw Mobius Band at Hiro Ballroom. That was great. I was right there touching the stage. Although I didn't participate in the post-show, talk-to-the-band thing, I enjoyed the fact that I could have if I wanted to.

Tonight I go to see Harry Potter. I really hope I can enjoy watching it. Oh god, I hope so.

I've got the Siren's Festival at Coney Island tomorrow. I really hope to hear some good music. It's what Saturdays are meant for.

And, I am so unbelievably ecstatic that today, I managed to get tickets to both Stars and Arctic Monkeys. I'm not going to say it's like a dream come true, it's just that, well, IT IS.
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i won't bore you with why i think meetings suck. it's enough for me to just say it.

so where have i been? what have i been doing? a conversation with my distant friend, M, has made me realize that i've been neglecting to keep people updated. this may be a long entry. luckily, my outlook calendar keeps track of my comings and goings. without further ado...

- i've gotten two massages over the last few weeks. so great. [ profile] karendipity suggested we get one every week. if anyone would like to donate to the massage fund, just let me know. your $100 could provide me with an hour of toe-curling happiness. and it wouldn't be dirty at all.

- i saw sia play with zero 7. it was so great. she's so great. she started out with "hello f*ckers!" you can't have anything but love for someone who does that. groovy.

- i flew to california to see my brother's band's very first show in oakland on the 17th! they have a myspace page too (echodrone). he just played another show in SF this past weekend and he's got another one next week. then, they're thinking of recording a CD. i'm such a groupie now!

- it was also nice to be cali to see my mom and friends. still not enough time to see everyone, but i did my best. all i can say is that i really don't miss driving. in fact, i just don't like it.

- all kinds of shows have started this season. i'm DVRing too many of them. but when it really comes down to deciding between sleep and TV, TV wins. every time.

- went to a mall in joisey with [ profile] karendipity this past weekend as well. that was great, although i'm glad i don't spend too much time at "the mall." we also had yummy dim sum and walked across the brooklyn bridge in search of ice cream. fun fun.

- i keep dating in search of... oh, i don't know what. i have a spreadsheet to keep them all straight. some of the ones on the spreadsheet though are just potentials, as in, we seem to hang out a lot in a "friends" kind of way, and i'm just not sure how to make it clear that i want more. it has been suggested that i slip them something, but i'm too nice to do that. i think i'll have to go with kidnapping instead. hee hee.

so yeah. still alive. still going out a lot. still progressing on my journey.
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were at spiegeltent last night (pier 17, south street seaport). amazingly, they sold out, but i managed to get in on standby status anyway. the show was so great. they not only performed beautifully, but they also acted out most of their songs. there were props, juggling acts, pirates, face paint, and awesome moments of audience participation. it just goes to show that there's nothing wrong with leaving your house or office and experiencing something for $15.

i'm excited because i've got a dancers4dancers event tomorrow night and warmup at ps1 on saturday. i'm still not sure if i want to take the train with some friends for an 1 1/2 to go up to dia: beacon on sunday or go to a bbq in brooklyn. then i might have drinks with a new guy on sunday night. labor day might involve another bbq and then korean bbq with the law school chicks at night. then, it's back to work :( :( :(

which reminds me, i really gotta get a list together about the firms i want to apply for.

well, next week won't be all bad. going to see dj krush on 9/7 with a co-worker. that should be loads of fun.
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List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now.

Post these instructions in your livejournal along with your 7 songs.

Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

1. big phony - everything always
2. the format - on your porch
3. the fray - over my head (cable car)
4. imogen heap - goodnight and go
5. mike doughty - i hear the bells
6. placebo - meds
7. stars - one more night

Tag, you're it!: nanila, candlelight1228, dramadork1955, blogaeology, peterhyun, natureofthewhammy, sugarytext
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and if that is true, then last night it was made up of 3 awesome bands against the backdrop of the bowery. hourly radio, mobius band, and stellastarr* were just lovely. i had a wonderful time. ms. LI/jamaica was in top form and managed to talk to some cute boys, even though it was obvious that they were not playing the same game as we were. oh well. nevertheless, i found out that they both worked at this fabulous restaurant that me and K have been trying to eat at for, oh, a year now, and where we become discouraged by the long wait. now, there is no wait. i have two numbers to call and a code word to use and i am soooo in.

i don't think i could ever live in a small town again. and if i did, it would have to be next to a big city. M.H. was too far from S.F. pasadena was a good distance from L.A. even though i never found anything particularly interesting to do in L.A. except eat. (and you know my troubles with eating.) but here, living in N.Y., i really have to say that i love it. i probably won't love it when i'm 50. but for now? would not want to be anywhere else. well, maybe i'd like to be on a beautiful island or tokyo. but otherwise, no. nowhere else.
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ok, ok, ok. i heard ya. i need to post. fine.

it's not like i haven't thought about posting. or made lists in my head of things to post. i've just been so busy and overwhelmed, i seriously thought about checking myself into a loony bin for a little while.

after that little insight, now, how to go about writing a recap of the last 2 months? with a total disregard of organization of course!

- i am very excited about all the shows i'm going to see over the next month or so. considering my work consists of me and my partner-in-crime, the irish nag, trying to find the life jackets on our very own titanic, i have decided that the least i can do is make sure i'm out there having fun. stellastarr* and mobius band tomorrow. big phony ( show on 4/4 (very excited about that because i was evited as part of an elite AA crowd). sia (her song was featured on the series finale of Six Feet Under) on 4/17. mike doughty on 4/22. and finally, jaime lidell on 4/25. now, while ms. LI/jamaica is going to be accompanying me to most of the shows, y'all are totally welcome to come too. being independent artists, none of the tickets are over $20. plus, i'll be there. that's worth a cool million right there. what a bargain!

- knicks game on 4/7. they're playing the pacers. i'm taking someone i find intriguing, if not a bit frustrating. we'll see how that goes. everytime i see this person, i ask them one more question. pretty soon, i may have the mystery of our particular relationship figured out. by pretty soon, i'm hoping by summer.

- just finished reviewing my dad's will, trust, advance health care directive, and durable power of attorney. needless to say, i was not only confused by most of the legalities that are unique to this area of law, but i am also a bit traumatized.

- during one of my trips back to cali, i ended up watching a korean drama with my mom and brother, while splitting a 12 pack.

- after M left ny for london, it was pretty clear that i was a lead contender for the title, "group lush." now that A is leaving for tokyo, it's official. i don't really know how it happened. i blame genetics.

- when telling my mom about someone i know who is a bit emotionally detached. her response? "do you think it's genetic?"

- i moved out of the conference room of my firm and back into my own office. i missed it. of course, i took all the paper with me. all i need is one stray spark and this place goes up like a torch. hopefully i won't be inside it at the time. if i do, i'll use the water from my hello kitty water dispenser to save my life. i really do own a hello kitty water dispenser. it's super pink.

- my big marital termination was stamped and filed on 2/14/06. the irony nearly made me die from laughter.

- i have redone my highlights and am currently addicted to artec hair products. my hair is like a mood ring. Y can recount the color chart and their meanings for you. no one at work has said anything about it yet. i dare them to.

- tv seemed to fare well without me. i am slowly catching up. my geeky shows just finished their seasons. i mourned their temporary loss already. i am now in the midst of catching up with my trashy shows. btw, who won flava of love?

- i lost dismally in an oscar pool and am about to lose a march madness pool. betting has never been and never will be kind to me. unless it's for free items. there, i have a bit of a reputation.

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