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It's been an intense couple of weeks for me and the boy.

First off, we launched a website together. It's called I plead with each and every one of you that is my friend to check it out and spread the word. We're really trying to make a go of it and we need the internet traffic.

So far, out of about 120 emails I sent out, only 4 people have created accounts, and only 1 person has actually contributed to the site. It's a little frustrating to say the least. I most commonly get the response that either my friends are too old to go to concerts or they don't have any of their own pictures or videos to post. People: You don't need your own pictures to post. I've now posted hundreds of things, and not a single one of them are mine. You literally just have to search flickr or youtube, and find stuff to link to the site. Or enter concert dates. Or hell, just add the names of your favorite music artists.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, again, check out the site. :)

Also, work's been really busy so I'm just waiting for that to calm down so I can go back to promoting the site. (I'm sort of the informal P.R. person if you will.) That, and I actually have my own site that I hope to be launching soon. More details on that later...

The animals are fine though, and despite my lack of sleep of late, I'm still okay too. I think. But I do feel quite dehydrated. And that's without a lot of alcohol. It's all very confusing...

It's so scary when your to-do list of personal projects is just as long as your to-do list at work.


Jul. 15th, 2008 06:17 pm
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he's here and he's drop dead handsome!
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My new corn snake, Falcor, will be arriving on Tuesday. I am so utterly excited. :) I just know I'm going to fall in love the moment I see him. And then I'll just die, die, die from the love in my house between the cats, the hamster and the snake. And when the boy visits on the weekend, I may just explode from the overwhelming gravitational effect of the loving.


Anyways, I'm back from Chicago. It was a wonderful vacation. I am about 5 pounds heavier, but it was soooo worth it. I unfortunately, did not get to eat gator, but I did eat shark. I also had some excellent hot dogs at Hot Doug's. Mmmmm...

And, as usual, I'm even more in love with the boy. I'm not sure how that's possible, but it is. I demanded that he say something romantic to me before our vacation ended, and he came up with a good one: "I know I don't express it that often, but I am proud to have you as my girlfriend. I look at you and think 'Wow, that's [jinnyisms2]. And she's my girlfriend.'" Aaaaannnnhhhh...

I also took this opportunity to tell the boy about my first crazy bf. He took it well, but commented on how it was hard to believe that those things happened to me. Sigh. Yeah, it's hard for me too.
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Yesterday, I adopted my very first hamster. I know it usually goes hamster first, larger mammals second (i.e., the cats). But I never do things the usual way.

First off, I already love my hamster. One night is all it took and I think he's the greatest. Second, I am not at my home right now and I just hope he's okay. Here's the deal. Obviously, the two kitties that co-habitate with the hamster are very curious about their new rodent friend. So I decided to put his cage on top of my dresser, which I am sure, for all purposes is not within reach of the felines. But, what if I'm wrong?! I really really hope not. I left them alone for 6 hours last night while at a party and returned to peacefulness. Well, not exactly total peacefulness as there was a lot of hamster wheel action going on at 2:30 in the morning. But now I've been gone for approximately 16.5 hours and I'm getting a little nervous (I'm at the boy's place).

Which leads me to third. So third, I am truly, sadly, pathetically in love with the boy. While he sits in the other room, withdrawing deeper and deeper into his coding cave (a personal project he's been working on for a while), I am content to sit in the other room and blog about my hamster rather than just go home to be with my hamster.

It's sick really. I should just go home. I'm not getting anything here. No attention, no lovin, nothing. But somehow, I still prefer to be here. I think I need meds. I think I need a glass of wine. I think I need a reality check.

Anyway, I will do my typical thing and just ignore my sick, pathetic mushy side and focus on the hamster instead. Of course, there will be pictures soon. He is a Syrian hamster (aka Teddy Bear). His name is Banzuke. He has a darkish brown/grey coloring in stripes where his head and shoulder area have the color and his abdomen down to his tail also have that color. His middle is a beautiful white. His fur is so soft and I can already tell he's going to be very personable. He gnawed for a moment on my finger, but not really in an aggressive way, I think he may have thought I was a tortilla chip (the last thing I ate). He's very inquisitive and has a lot of personality characteristics that remind me of the boy (who helped pick him out btw). For instance, he naps while in the middle of doing things and yawns all the time. He's also surprisingly calm for having his whole world being completely overturned yesterday. He doesn't turn down snacks although he's not a big eater either. And I can tell that he's complicated on the inside while deceivingly simple on the outside.

Yup, that's Banzuke for you. As I said, pictures to come.

Oooh, I also have picked out a name for my pastel motley corn snake that should be arriving in August. I've decided to name him Falcor, after the dragon from Neverending Story. I think their colorations will be similar, hence, the inspiration.

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