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Aug. 4th, 2010 08:30 pm
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So, I've got about a million and one things to do, but yet here I am, drinking my ghetto drink of choice (vodka and Coke Zero), watching Confessions: Animal Hoarding, Honestly, it won't really affect my to-do list of today, but it is having a serious impact on tomorrow's.

I know people who have given up on to-do lists because this is exactly what happens. I know others who try to limit their to-do lists to the things that they can actually do in a given day. And then there are others who just don't worry about these things and have never made a to-do list in their entire lives.

There is absolutely no way I could fall into any of these tempting, yet completely out-of-reach categories. I would be a lost dinghy on the ocean of life without my to-do lists. Literally, I would just watch youtube videos all day and eat Cheetos by the handful. As to the length of the lists, I think limiting myself would give in to my pessimistic side. Setting high expectations for myself is not a new thing and really, I feel like it helps promote my momentum throughout the day. Without that momentum, I'm back to youtube and Cheetos.

Thankfully though, I'm not as neurotic as I might seem at first. Because at the end of the day, there's a nice cocktail waiting for me and those to-do lists retreat to the back corner of my mind and I can just relax and watch sad, depressing reality TV.

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