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Commenters should leave some kind of identifier if they want to leave comments. The only reason I keep my posts open is because I don't want to leave out friends who don't have LJ accounts. Now, there will always be certain unwanteds who troll my blogs. Relatives of my ex who turned out to be traitors, ex-friends who turned out to be bad people, etc. I can't stop them from reading. But if you're going to post on MY blog, for chrissakes, don't hide behind "Anonymous." It's rude and immature.

I can't believe I have to tell people how to behave. These things should be obvious. I am always amazed by the stupidity in the world.
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Man, a lot has happened over this past week. I barely know where to begin. I guess I'll try to start at the beginning.

Tuesday I find out that my ex is wanted for murder and robbery and hasn't been seen since Sunday. Obviously, there's a lot of phone calls and general concern. I was a bit worried he'd be coming my way but luckily, that was not the case.

Tuesday night I find out that the nightmare case I've been working on settled but I'm too worried about the earlier problem to really be happy about it.

Wednesday morning I tell my IT boy about the case settling but purposely don't tell him about the ex thing. This is especially true considering that just the Sunday before, I had assured him that my ex was "harmless." Obviously I was wrong. Later, I spend the day telling a few close friends at work about what's happened with my ex, but I still try to maintain an outer appearance of okayness as the team celebrates the settlement. And to be honest, I am glad that I don't have to go to Texas for a month and that I can go on my cruise with the boy, so it's not all feigned okayness. Some of it is real.

By Wednesday night, I decide that it's time to tell the IT boy what's going on. I tell him. I don't exactly get the reaction I am expecting and I am really hurt by it.

Thursday morning, I get an early phone call informing me that my ex has been picked up in the state nearby and that he is in their custody and that the detectives in my ex's original state have been notified. I am unbelievably relieved by this news.

Thursday night, I tell the IT boy that I'm upset. We have a very good conversation. He said he would definitely protect me from anything bad happening and realized that I had a right to be upset about how he handled things. It was a really cathartic conversation.

Friday, I find out that I have been reassigned to a completely different team. This is both extremely welcome news but also puts doubt on a small vacation I was planning to take later this month because the IT boy has vacation time that needs to be used by the end of March or he loses it. Hmmm... I will do my best to stand my ground on taking that vacation, especially since we were told that we should since the settlement happened, etc. At least for 3 days. I could even try working remotely if that's what they need me to do. We shall see.

So there it is. You're all caught up now. Crazy, right? But I'm happy, safe, and moving forward. I suppose that's all a person can ask for.

If you'd like details on the ex's crimes and a more in-depth chronology, or about anything else I've written here, feel free to shoot me an email.
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my ex is an idiot. and so is his best friend.
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no... not california. think more mid than coast. as in, michigan!

that's right. i'm back. and unscathed, despite a near-collision with that someone-not-so-special. btw, he looks awful. old and decrepit are the words that come to mind. i guess breakups aren't as great for everyone as they are for me. there is a forrest gump-esque reference that comes to my mind: "crazy is as crazy does" which is actually interchangeable with "loser is as loser does."

with permission and without further ado, i would like to tell you all about how great my friend, alfonso, really is. he protected me from evil, kept the dogs at bay, and elevated me to celebrity status in the small town they call ypsilanti (or ypsi-tucky if you're in the know). i got to meet some of his awesome peeps and try some of his favorite food joints. plus, it goes without saying, i really had a great time being around him and his lovely wife. their company is always a delight. i hope my homemade mini-cheesecakes helped show my appreciation.

now i'm back at the job, fielding all kinds of assignments and trying not to go crazy. so far, i think i'm doing alright.

so i've got my first deposition scheduled for this coming monday. i'm flying out to seattle sunday night and i'll be back tuesday morning. and if that wasn't special enough, i may end up going to minneapolis some time next week too. woo hoo! (that's for minneapolis, OBVIOUSLY.)
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It's been a tumultuous weekend. Full of ups and downs.

I had excellent food all day on Friday so by Saturday morning I was fat and happy.

And Saturday was pretty good too. Got my house cleaned. Was very productive in the morning and then went out at night to 3 parties. Danced, laughed, danced some more, put my feet in the sand, danced again. No complaints there.

But then it went south. Well, not really south, as much as southwest? It seems the pre-bf is much worse at dealing with feelings than I thought before. He's totally fighting his feelings for me, resisting being honest with himself, and can only come up with "I'd be bummed out if you weren't around." Lame-o. But my gut says it's still not time to end things, and since my divorce, my gut has been pretty good at letting me know when it's time to leave. So, I will continue on in the hopes that things will progress, but at the same time, for now, I'm going to have to pull back a little. The feelings of jinnyisms2 matter too, no?

I've also gotten some updates on the ex-h. He's apparently homeless again. Broke, too. Tried to cheat on his gf with some lesbians. His dad's being fired again, this time for what appears to be embezzlement. All big surprises, right? (That's sarcasm, in case you can't tell...)

And now I'm at work. And I'm going to try and make it a long billable day. Stave off my eventual firing. At least for another day.
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ok, ok, ok. i heard ya. i need to post. fine.

it's not like i haven't thought about posting. or made lists in my head of things to post. i've just been so busy and overwhelmed, i seriously thought about checking myself into a loony bin for a little while.

after that little insight, now, how to go about writing a recap of the last 2 months? with a total disregard of organization of course!

- i am very excited about all the shows i'm going to see over the next month or so. considering my work consists of me and my partner-in-crime, the irish nag, trying to find the life jackets on our very own titanic, i have decided that the least i can do is make sure i'm out there having fun. stellastarr* and mobius band tomorrow. big phony ( show on 4/4 (very excited about that because i was evited as part of an elite AA crowd). sia (her song was featured on the series finale of Six Feet Under) on 4/17. mike doughty on 4/22. and finally, jaime lidell on 4/25. now, while ms. LI/jamaica is going to be accompanying me to most of the shows, y'all are totally welcome to come too. being independent artists, none of the tickets are over $20. plus, i'll be there. that's worth a cool million right there. what a bargain!

- knicks game on 4/7. they're playing the pacers. i'm taking someone i find intriguing, if not a bit frustrating. we'll see how that goes. everytime i see this person, i ask them one more question. pretty soon, i may have the mystery of our particular relationship figured out. by pretty soon, i'm hoping by summer.

- just finished reviewing my dad's will, trust, advance health care directive, and durable power of attorney. needless to say, i was not only confused by most of the legalities that are unique to this area of law, but i am also a bit traumatized.

- during one of my trips back to cali, i ended up watching a korean drama with my mom and brother, while splitting a 12 pack.

- after M left ny for london, it was pretty clear that i was a lead contender for the title, "group lush." now that A is leaving for tokyo, it's official. i don't really know how it happened. i blame genetics.

- when telling my mom about someone i know who is a bit emotionally detached. her response? "do you think it's genetic?"

- i moved out of the conference room of my firm and back into my own office. i missed it. of course, i took all the paper with me. all i need is one stray spark and this place goes up like a torch. hopefully i won't be inside it at the time. if i do, i'll use the water from my hello kitty water dispenser to save my life. i really do own a hello kitty water dispenser. it's super pink.

- my big marital termination was stamped and filed on 2/14/06. the irony nearly made me die from laughter.

- i have redone my highlights and am currently addicted to artec hair products. my hair is like a mood ring. Y can recount the color chart and their meanings for you. no one at work has said anything about it yet. i dare them to.

- tv seemed to fare well without me. i am slowly catching up. my geeky shows just finished their seasons. i mourned their temporary loss already. i am now in the midst of catching up with my trashy shows. btw, who won flava of love?

- i lost dismally in an oscar pool and am about to lose a march madness pool. betting has never been and never will be kind to me. unless it's for free items. there, i have a bit of a reputation.
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yummy. that's what txsgiving's all about. yummy.

mine was pretty good. i was nervous for some time about my father. but he was quite nice to me. and that korean dvd i bought him? at first, he thought it was pretty cheesy, but apparently after i left, he really got into it and watched it through the entire night and didn't finish it till morning. yay for my gift-giving skills! he was so appreciative he told my mom to call me. i was touched beyond belief.

for those who are unawares, my lawyer filed my motion for default judgment on the divorce the wednesday before txsgiving. so i had one more thing to be thankful for.

and now i'm back at work. hasn't been too bad. but do i really want to be here? ha ha ha ha.
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i'm talking about me.

i am irritated in so many ways, it hurts.

- apparently, having things shipped to work, while avoiding the unnecessary accumulation of notices informing you that you weren't home between the hours of 9 and 5 (maybe because you have a JOB!), can still lead to frustration. especially if every form of online tracking tells you that it has been delivered when, in fact, your mail department assures you that it has not.

- another source of irritation can be found in the ex who say that they're coming back to your state of residence to show up in the court building (not to be confused with the COURTROOM), just in case said ex "is needed." and when reminded that there is no need for this, the ex replies that you never can tell "what's going on in [j-isms'] head." i think the answer to that is, "i want a divorce, you moron."

- whiny, needy boys are annoying.

- and finally, transcript people. they suck. i always thought if you worked for an educational institution, the ability to read instructions and follow them would be good skills to have. i was wrong. so wrong. speaking english is also optional from what i can tell. i hate them. i'm never going to be able to take the patent bar because i can't get what i want from my undergrad transcript office. awesome.

must share

Oct. 21st, 2005 08:53 pm
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WARNING: if you don't want to hear about d, then don't continue with this entry. i'm not sure about how to do that thing where i can give you the option to read more.


so d wrote a letter either to the court, my attorney, or both on his company's letterhead. i would like to now reproduce it for your viewing pleasure. all spelling errors, grammatical errors, and general nonsensicalness are his, not mine.

To Whom It May Concern:

The following is a statement of personal withdrawal from any debate to the topic in question. I must admit guilt when I have wronged anyone in my life. The next statement of fact is that I have insufficient funds to make the trip to New York. I am presently living day to day. I have no food in my fridge and I reside in a motel. I have no means or ability to make a trip to New York. If the Plaintiff would like to pay for my trip to and from plus hotel accommodations I would be more than obligated to come there. If it pleases the court I would prefer to absolve myself from any contact with the plaintiff. I have been through too much physically and I have hospital paperwork to prove I am not well enough to cope with such situations. My anxiety cannot make such a trip and I believe I may have a heart condition. Please contact me if there are other options. If it were at all possible I would prefer to just sign the necessary paperwork. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Rather than my home address I would like to ask that I be contacted at work. In conclusion I thank you and all parties involved.


he then finishes up by providing his work address and his motel address. isn't that special?
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Work's been a little crazy but I finally have some breathing room so lemme update.

My dates were both really great. The first one was better than the second, but that's not to say the second was bad. The first one was with the med. student - he was funny, cute, all around a nice guy and a nice time. We had Thai food. We're still talking to each other every night on the phone. The second one made me this great bouquet of metal flowers (he does metalworking) - I will take a picture soon and post it. We met up at Union Square and walked down to this Cuban place in Soho. Very yummy. I guess the only thing about him is that he's kind of shy and doesn't have too much to talk about. It was also kind of weird because I bumped into him on the subway the very next night when I was going out to meet up with the girls. Awkward.

And finally, some really awesome news - D was served with the divorce papers on Tuesday. WOO HOO! My lawyer will file for a default divorce on Nov. 21 (if D can manage to stay put and do nothing). YAY!

Okay, enough cheering. Back to work.
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so scrubby asked me about my story with D, and i couldn't lie. told him the story with as many details as i could remember. luckily, it does not appear that i have scared him away. in fact, he was very sweet about the whole thing. :)

but it begs the question - should i have lied? wouldn't that make me just like D? i certainly think so. and i am NOT a psycho, therefore, i could not lie.

i have to come in this weekend for a little bit to put together some papers for service on tuesday. but i also think that means i get to court on tuesday - so. dist. no less. yay! so, i need to get a mani, buy some date clothes, buy a pair of boots, see K, go to ikea, and get ready for my date. oh, and go to the post office, pick up my laundry, and drop off my dry cleaning. i think there's more - i just can't think of it right now. thank goodness monday is a holiday.
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I am so bad with billable hours. I suck at it. I lie. I cheat. I fall asleep. I guess I really am a lawyer.

But I just wanted you to know that I have a date this Saturday! I'm ecstatic. Prospects are looking good for me. I will NOT become a sad, pathetic, smelly cat lady. I promise.

Now I need to put together a fabulous outfit before Y kills me. And she'll do it too. She's offered her services many times in reference to D. ;) Luckily, it's not so bad now that I'm fairly happy with my body. It's been tough, but I am continuing to be, as M put it, the incredibly shrinking J. Amazing what an 800-1200 cal. diet can do for a person.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what that thing is below this entry, it's a site tracker. I need to be able to monitor if certain people, like D, are reading this blog. I know this one doesn't seem that hard to find considering it's almost identical in name to my last one. But, D is not very smart. And he has trouble with reality. I think I'm safe.

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